Anita Kroó

inside-out, 2015/2016

In my series titled Inside-Out I am exploring self-representation in relation to the body, the unconscious and sexual desire. What is attractive? What is repulsive? What do people reject, accept, and why? I am interested in the erotic side of life, and the means by which it seeps into our everyday life, the way we interact with others, and perceive our surroundings. I am interested in depicting an aspect of female sexuality that is both vulnerable and heroic.

public space versus private space, 2014

For my series “Public Space verses Private Space” I explored the concept of googling the term “dream houses”. I am not sure what I was looking for. My own desires? Or was I simply a voyeur of others’ desires? Through this experiment I became interested in the aesthetics of contemporary villas. I explored aspects of private life and intimacy in the context of alienated, large scale architecture. Montaging miscellaneous elements on my pictorial surface lead me to question the similarities between the aesthetics of architecture designed for luxury home-living and representational public spaces. A symbolic motif that appears in each painting of this series, is a swimming pool, whether a public facility or the ornament of a private home. Public pools, for me have always been over-crowded areas. Even an outdoor pool, an area restricted by pavement, makes me feel closed in. The exact opposite of the water it encloses, which gives the feeling of eternity, levitation.
This series was exhibited in the group show titled “INSIDE-OUT”.

identity swap, 2014

My painting installation titled “Identity Swap” was created specifically for the office of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, a civil society organization. For this work I chose to address the issue of prejudice, whether these are preconceptions concerning gender, age, sexual orientation, race or minority groups. The title refers to the paradox of an identity exchange, the incapability of reliving another person's memories. Through depicting random recollections, stories from various identities, I searched for the irreplaceable contents of one’s self, the importance of episodes from our earliest childhood to the present day. Though at the same time I am playing with the idea of “shifting identity”, which leads me to pointing to the possibility of halting stereotyping thoughts. Identity Swap, exhibition viewClick on the exhibition photo to see the paintings separately!

in concrete, 2013/2014

In my series titled “in concrete” I am discovering the ideas of transformation, incompletion, temporariness and having no function. In my previous works I mapped the creations of the architect, whereas in my recent works I am researching the incomplete and “stripped” structure. I moved away from the zone of concrete and recognizable.
The depiction of buildings under construction could be seen as a snapshot, a frozen state, or an ever-changing transformation of the structure in fusion. In my pictures I am “reversing” the conventional point of view, and I am balancing on the borders between reality and fiction, and depiction and abstraction. By depicting both inside and outside spaces, I am reflecting on the relativity of perception.

Cityscapes, 2012/2013

In the past year I have been painting urban scenes from Budapest with arcylic paint on canvas. In these works I search for traces of my memories by depicting areas of the city that are part of my past and present. I create these cityscapes by emphasizing my perception, the perspective of the passer by. I pick locations that are usually bustling with people, yet instead I choose to present these scenes empty, isolating them from reality . In my pictures I visually alter the places, but only to the extent that they still remain recognizable to the viewer. I often select symbolic, well known parts of the city, which are intertwined not only with the collective memory of our society, but also with my own personal story. By causing the paint to flow freely on the canvas on certain areas of the pictorial structure I created, I wish to accentuate the ever changing and deforming traits of our recollections.

Life Size Memory Game, 2011

I created the „Life Size” Memory Game as my diploma work. My work deals with the theme of personal memory. I used the popular children’s memory game as a metaphor for the mechanism of memory, the act of dealing with our personal past and present. I created pictures that depict my own memories, „random flashbacks”, ranging from early childhood to the present day. This was exhibited as an interactive painting installation, in which I made it possible for the viewer to step into the installation, on to the carpet, and search for the pairs of the pictures, „game cards”. By turning over the cards, I wish to reflect on the recollection of certain events, the process of storing and retrieving memories from our past. The pictures intentionally exclude the depiction of human beings; instead I used places, locations, and objects to express the traces of people. In the „game” the pairs do not consist of identical pictures, for each picture I painted a pair that is a detail of the picture, creating a „zoom in” like effect. Also, it is important that my work is an „enlarged” version of the children’s game, which creates a contradiction between the act of child play and the issues I wish to address with my work.

Memory Book Project, 2010

In this work I created a hand painted book in the manner of a large children’s story book. The pages contain fragments of stories and memories from early childhood, visual flashbacks, a mix of smells, tastes, such as lolly pops, green peas, or the recollection of my first bicycle with a strawberry patterned seat. Some of the illustrations also contain fractions of words and sentences referring to specific memories.

Post-it Project, 2010

For this project I used up scribbled notes of friends, and enlarged them by creating paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. Handwriting has been a repeating theme in my work; previously it appeared in my paintings as illegible abstract gestures and scribbles. Fort the Post-it project I made a point of using handwriting not only as a gesture of the hand creating abstract forms and rhythms, but as a legible text containing information on our personal and everyday lives. By enlarging scribbled notes that are usually thrown in the bin, I wish to express the meaning of little details in our everyday lives that we ordinarily do not add significance to. Like for example, jotting down the time of an appointment on a post-it, or just unconsciously doodling something on a notepad while you’re talking on the phone with a friend. The painting installation Post-it consists of six canvases placed on the wall in approximately five meters length, imitating the manner of post-its that are randomly stuck on your wall or fridge.

Abstract Paintings, 2009

In this collage work I divided the picture into 31 different parts, each of them symbolizing one of my days from December 2009. I used various forms, such as written text, wrinkled up notepad paper, tangled yarn, stretched out cloth, abstract gestures, all of these illustrating and expressing the way I felt on a certain December day in a diary-like manner.
For this collage work I pasted various materials on canvas (colorful paper, yarn, pencil pieces), each of them indicating a memory of mine, dated from early childhood to the present day. The scattered and random composition expresses the way we spontaneously store and retrieve memories from our „system”. The title, „Moving” memories refers also to the processing and rewriting of personal memories. I drew small arrows between the pieces of materials stuck on the canvas to express the relations between memories from our past and present.

Abstract Paintings, 2008

Artpool Project, 2008

This work was created specifically for a group exhibition held in the Artpool Gallery in 2008. The painting installation is the depiction of a specific audio data. I experimented with interpreting the rhythm of sounds and voices by using colors, brush strokes, pencil marks, scribbles, and different shapes of canvases to illustrate the characteristics of the audio data. In this work I am exploring the connection between a specific sound or letter and the color or pattern that appears in my mind in comparison. The audio data that I created this work to was played in the exhibition room during the whole time of the show.

Landscapes, 2007