Anita Kroó

Lives and works in New York City and Budapest.
Date of birth: 1985, january 19.

Member of The Studio of Young Artists' Association (SYAA)


2015-Pratt Institute, Painting and Drawing, New York City 2006-2011Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary, MFA Painting Department


2015Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant 2015Merit Scholarship Pratt Institute 2015Art Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome 2014Artist Grant awarded by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund 2008Artist Grant awarded by The Amadeus Art Foundation 2003-2004Artist Merit Scholarship, Obudai Secondary Art School


2015ALL AT ONCE, MFA Group show, Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute 2015CREATION-WORKS, group show, Budapest Gallery, Budapest 2014INSIDE-OUT, group show, Müszi, Community Center, Budapest 2014NEIGHBOURART MEETUP, group show, Brody Art House, Budapest 2014IDENTITY SWAP, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Budapest (part of the annual exhibition of the SYAA) 2014MOSZKVA SQUARE FOR US IS..., Müszi, Community Center, Budapest 2014MORPHOLOGY OF VOID, Kempinski Gallery, curated by the Kogart Museum, Budapest 2014PARK FICTION, group show, Bunker Art Gallery, Budapest 2014IN CONCRETE, solo show, NextArt Gallery, Budapest 2014STREET VIEW, Labor Gallery, Budapest 2013PATRON, Christmas Fair, SYAA Gallery, Budapest 2013ART FOR ESZTERGOM, Christmas Fair, Rondella Gallery, Esztergom 2013BUDAPEST JAM, SYAA Gallery, Budapest 2013MOSZKVA SQUARE #2 - The Story Continues, solo show, Kaptár community office, Budapest 2013Exhibition at the 400 Café, Budapest 201328/31 - new member group exhibition, SYAA Gallery, Budapest 2012MOSZKVA SQUARE, solo show, Klauzál13 Gallery, Budapest 2012Open call group exhibition at the Golem Theater, Budapest 2012CÉKLÁRT I-dentity, open call exhibition in the Gozsdu Courtyard, Budapest 2010PARALLELS, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest 2009Exhibition at the Stollart Gallery, Budapest 2009Fundamenta Amadeus scholarship exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest 2008Group exhibition at the MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest 2008Fundamenta Amadeus scholarship exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine Arts 2007End of the year exhibition at the University of Fine Arts 2007Exhibition at the Museum of Transportation in Budapest 2006Group exhibition at the MAMŰ Gallery, Budapest 2004HAPPINESS, Művészet Malom Museum, Szentendre